humbled by motherhood

humbled by motherhood

infant development + lactation support

I help babies with bodywork after frenectomy, work out breastfeeding problems, and catch up with developmental milestones.


Ways We Can Get Started Together…

developmental screening

Not too sure what baby should be able to “do”. Maybe all the websites you've looked at are confusing and you’re still not sure. This is a way for a professional trained in infant development to quickly assess skills and point out any potential red flags. A good way to get peace of mind and know you’re on the right track.

bodywork before/after frenectomy

I focus my practice in working with the little humans, utilizing a play focused approach that incorporates the Tummy Time! Method and gentle manual therapy techniques.

lactation support

Turns out accurate, affordable advice IS hard to come by. You shouldn’t spend a ton of money on crappy advice that doesn’t help you reach your breastfeeding goals. I help moms using accurate and up to date information to meet whatever their goals may be.


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